Soul Trek Series (individual in person)

  • Soul Trek Series (individual in person)

Soul Trek is a retrospective journey of one's life. You will uncover how your world and experiences have crafted your perception of who you are. It is in this playback of one’s life that we discover how we became who we are today, appreciate our current space, actively participate and prepare for the future.

This series holds Mindfulness, viewing one’s self with compassion at its core. Each segment offers an opportunity to create a tangible piece of art that tells the story of your past, present, and future self. We will analyze the pitfalls, the triumphs, and welcome the new, whilst honoring the totality of the journey. Together we will create new, healthy, life habits internally and externally.

Goals & Objectives
• to introduce the foundation of Mindfulness practice, its benefits, and its ability to enhance one’s life
• to encourage relaxation through self-reflection
• to facilitate compassion for one’s self first and then others
• to study the impact language/ words have on our bodies
• to use forgiveness as a tool for personal transformation

What's included:
- 8 hours of one on one time with Anasha and and highly skilled experts in various healing fields.
- Soul Trek Workbook
-weekly "gifts" to assist you on your journey ($150 value)